The Journey Begins

Weclome. I’m your guide, the author, Nathalie Daux. If you aren’t familiar with me, get acquainted first on my bio page. Though it explains some of what I am, it doesn’t cover everything. The long and short of it is that I write dark fiction that seems to upset loads of people. But it pulls them in, makes them think. Which is exactly what I want.

If you’ve stumbled across this page, I’ll lay a few things out. First, I’ll be posting Wednesday and Friday around 2 p.m CST. That’s least important.

Most important is that I’ll be writing about what no one else wants to write about. I’ll talk about death. I’ll talk candidly about pain, suffering, the works. I’ll explore various existential thought processes and theories. I’ll touch on what makes my mind tick without of course giving away my secrets.

I’ll share with you occasionally some of my Instagram posts (see@lunatic_writer). I might even post excerpts of short stories, novels, etc and see what your take on them is. How about that?

There’s lots of room of room to explore together, isn’t there? Let’s journey through the darkness together to no place in particular. Let’s journey.

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