Work In Progresses

Before The Sun Rises

This completed novel is undergoing revisions before being sent off again. It has shifted from a back burner to the front, splattering me with oil. 

E.S stumbled through an unlocked gate on the third floor of Mont Saint-Michel Mental Asylum. Standing on a precipice, this nameless narrator peered over the edge with an empty mind, empty enough to hear what the French termed, “L’appel du Vide”, the call of the void. After this moment, E.S slips and falls into blissful insanity as he tumbles towards his ultimate demise and his march towards Hell. Towards the dancing demons of L’appel du Vide.

The Tongue of Arlow

This completed novel is simmering on a side of the stove, requiring occasional stirring as it currently undergoes beta readers. 

Candy died to the sound of her father’s frantic screams and the hungry slurps of the tongue scooping out her innards. The gunshot did nothing but ease the guilt burning the protective heart of Mack Garrison, a now daughterless father. Mack’s mental state quickly degrades as the creature, a rogue Rooloo named Arlow, stalks the terrified town of Esset. Sheriff Dan, Mack’s best friend, does his best to comfort his friend and kill the beast but Arlow continues to run rampant through the town. Hungry for revenge, Mack dances too close to death and jeopardizes it all.

The Chronicles of God and His Complex

This uncompleted collection of stories is in the process of being written, organized, and revised. 

If there is a creator out there, we ought to all be afraid. The universe is structured around chaos. Man is made from arrogance, darkness, and lies; the very foundation of what we call the “God Complex”. How do we mirror a creator of chaos, darkness, eternal hunger? What happens when we come face to face with our true God?

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